Welcome to the Budget Bunch! You might be asking yourself, “Who are these people, and what’s that sticky substance on my kitchen floor?” We can answer the first part of that question. For the second part, you’re on your own. The Budget Bunch (no relation to the equally adorable and entertaining Brady Bunch) is comprised of eight friends who met during one very long, very competitive online contest. Every so often, something good comes out of losing a competition. Sometimes a great idea comes from it, sometimes a friendship emerges. Every once in a while a business adventure comes to form. And thus, the Budget Bunch was born. We’re real people just like you. People who are passionate about not only saving money, but also recipes, crafts and giveaways, making us some of the best DIY'ing, bargain finding, recipe creating, product reviewing folks around the web. Most of us are moms, some of us are dads, but all of us are bloggers who decided to join forces when we realized the need for a one-stop-shop website to help make lives easier for overworked and underpaid folks everywhere. That’s our story. Now meet the cast!


    Hi I am Giveaway Gabby! I love a great contest! I am always challenging myself to come up with great products to give away to our amazing readers. When you see Giveaway Gabby pop up on the blog (or social media sites), you know you got one heckuva contest to dive into.


    Hi I am Crafty Claire! I spend a lot of time dreaming up ways to turn old paper towel containers into rocket ships. Or an old wooden door into an elegant headboard. But I do it all without spending a lot of money on supplies. I am kind of a crafty genius.


    Hi I am Cookin’ Cara! I am consistently whips up magic in the kitchen. I pride myself on feeding my family healthy and simple meals. The healthiest ingredients often cost the most, but not in Cara’s kitchen. I always manage to find great deals on healthy ingredients and turns them into a meal that even the kids enjoy!


    Hi I am Coupon Charlie! The sweet little southern gal. Don’t let the fact that I am the baby of the bunch fool you. I am the queen of couponing and I have a sharp eye for savings and an even sharper pair of scissors. I am so passionate about using coupons, I can turn even the most frivolous shoppers into money-saving gurus!


    Hi! I'm Promo Pete! I find THE BEST online shopping deals using promo codes. Just don't touch his iPhone or laptop because he's got major shopping to do for trendy clothes and techy gadgets. He saves a ton of money online, and he loves to show off his social media savvy by sharing his codes with friends and fans


    I'm Freebie Frank! I'm a father of four, so he’s constantly on the hunt for great freebies. With four kids, buying multiples of everything can be costly and convincing kids to share isn’t easy. But Frankie seems to pull it off! You’ll definitely want to check out his tips and tricks for getting free stuff!


    I'm Reviewin' Rachel! I have an opinion about nearly everything and isn’t afraid to share that opinion with anyone who will listen. She gets so many products to review, she’s on a first-name basis with not only the mailman, but also the UPS driver and FedEx guy, too! Rachel will be sharing her thoughts about some of the best (and worst) products on the market, including food, drinks, services and gadgets.


    I'm Savvy Samantha! I'm your money-saving queen! Whether she’s grocery shopping for her family or outfitting her living room, this chick always finds the best deal! She’s ruthless when toe-to-toe with a salesperson, but as the “mom of the group,” she’s always reminding us to reach for the stars, without spending a lot of money to get there.

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